#walk1000miles 2017 newsletter 3

The month the world went badge crazy!

When you get into walking it's always a thrill to discover how friendly everyone is and how ready they are to say hello. It's always suggested to me a latent bond of comradeship that I find very heartening. Now take that faint warm buzz of fellowship and multiply it until it's approximately as hot and bright as the sun and that's how it feels when you're wearing your badge and you anticipate – maybe today, maybe this weekend – the chance of meeting another 'badger'. You're a grown adult, sure, but this is a very brightly-coloured badge. And it's a mighty big shared experience we're having!

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"What a fab magazine it is this month!" says subscriber Tasha Leigh-Willetts. "cracking articles and interesting walks I'm adding to my to-walk list".

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Three continents in three months! Meet the globe-trotting #walk1000miles missionary!

Well, when we say missionary, we actually mean 48-year-old IT consultant Amanda Brown...

How did you get into #walk1000miles and how's it going?

I actually was very unfit and a larger lady, but suddenly something made me want to do something and joined a gym. Then I discovered the appeal of walking challenges by doing the London To Brighton Walk, and #walk1000miles is an extension of that. I am hooked! I have completely changed and now walking is my top hobby.

How have you walked in three continents already?

I have to travel a lot for my work, but it started off as a walking holiday in Northern Cyprus over New Year. Next stop was a trip to Abu Dhabi, where I walked many miles including in the sand dunes. Now I'm in South Africa working and have walked everywhere including in the Kruger National Park. Fantastic! It has been amazing walking in many places. Love the variety and the sights I have seen.

How many more places will you walk in before the year is out, do you think?

My year will continue much the same. I actually do some work for a charity challenge organiser now so I will see many UK places and will participate on a Great Wall of China event in October I hope. I am always spreading the word about walking as I go – it has changed my life after all!

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Challenger Andy Makepeace thought #walk1000miles was turning into a monster

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Just cos.

Just cos.

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