#walk1000miles 2017 newsletter 2

Up, up and away!

What a month!! 24,000 people signed up, so many miles walked, pics shared and stories told, and do you know what? Even if you'd done ZERO miles come the 1st of March it STILL wouldn't be too late to start – with a required daily average of 3.27 miles a day. That's an hour a day (and it doesn't have to be done all in one go). Tell your friends! You might just change their life...

PS – want a badge like mine? OMG of course you do! Details in the nearly-here new issue (see below).

Video: two-and-a-bit weeks in January

We're off: and what an amazing start we've made – as this compilation of clips from videos posted in the challenge Facebook group goes to prove.

And this is a quick harvest from about a fortnight of clips. Do keep them coming – and we challenge you not to grin when you watch this! (Not in the group? It's worth joining Facebook for! Here's the group.)

Official #walk1000miles gear is go!

Whoop! Fun, cool, casual #walk1000miles clobber is here to buy, including t-shirts, mugs and hoodies in men's, women's and kids' sizes, varied colours and complete with 90-day quibble-free returns. Please note, our t-shirts are 100% premium cotton ring spun pre-shrunk jersey knit garments not about to give up the ghost after the first wash. They ARE cotton though which means they're for casual wear, not technical sweat-wicking walk-wear (we hope to offer this kind of technical baselayer separately later in Spring, with the help of our partner Regatta.)

Click any pic to visit the shop and see the full range.

Slimming World & #walk1000miles: perfect partners

100% of people surveyed say their participation in Slimming World goes BETTER since they signed up to #walk1000miles too – with two-thirds reporting the challenge makes their weight loss easier to maintain. 



I've been with Slimming World for five years now, and I was almost at target after losing a total of five stone when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Through my treatment, I gained a stone and a half. I was back on my Slimming World journey but had reached a plateau when my consultant mentioned the #walk1000miles challenge in group and I knew it was what I needed to reach target again. It worked brilliantly...

The brilliant new (badge) issue is nearly here! (Badge)

Are you in it?

The new March issue of Country Walking is nearly here, it's brilliant and lots of you are in it! It's also you chance to get hold of one (or more) of the soon-to-be iconic participation badges – the emblem of epic everyday adventurers everywhere! – and your last chance to get hold of an official progress tracker chart, which also qualifies you for entry to all this year's competitions. Click the pic to see more of what's in the issue – out in shops 2 Feb – and where you can get it. 

Posts of the month

In a month where many thousands joined and many thousands of posts were made, nearly 200,000 likes were cast in the happiness factory that is the #walk1000miles Facebook group. These were the top posts (click on the image to see the whole pic; click on the title to see the original post.)

1. The incredible shrinking man 2!

#walk1000miles partner competition