Polar Training in Richmond Park

Team Endeavour is proud to be racing in the South Pole Race, to mark exactly 100 years since Scott famously raced Amundson to the pole.

We are a three-man team led by Ian Laurie, a descendent of Lieutenant Henry Bowers - Henry Robertson (Birdie) Bowers was a member of Scotts original ‘Terra Nova’ expedition in 1912.

Team Endeavour is one of 10 teams picked from around the globe, aiming to win what's become known as the toughest endurance race on earth.

After two years of intensive training we will race over 430 nautical miles across the largest ice cap in the world to the geographic South pole.

We will face constant challenges along the way, surviving in temperatures as low as -50C, navigating and skiing while pulling a 70kg sled and climbing up to 9300 ft.

Throughout everything we will give it our all to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research and to get our Union Jack to the pole first!

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