Tryfan north ridge

I've always loved the outdoors and nature, but thru my late teens and 20's drifted further away from this, I got upto 16 stone and was living lazily, drinking too much & eating too much and not exercising, nothing stirred me. My younger brother for the last 10 years however, had been walking climbing and scrambling the length and breadth of the country and was at the time going through his mountain leadership training (he has passed this now) he suggested I should buy a tent and go to the lakes. Me and my partner duly did this and spent a leisurely weekend at Sykeside off the Kirkstone Pass, we went up to Angletarn Pike via Boredale Hause and took in the dramatic scenary across to the Helvellyn range, I realised over a post walk pint this was the life for me and that was two and a half years ago and more importantly three and a half stones away also! Me and my partner have since got into indoor climbing and last year I took on bouldering (again thru my brother) and also outdoor climbing, this video features my brother mostly (I was filming!) when he took me on my first scramble up the north ridge of Tryfan it was our first weekend away camping and walking as just me and him and the video is a thank you really to him, for Dave the best brother anyone could ask for, cheers mate.