Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake Re-edit by terrybnd

Re-edit of a previous vid I made of Pavey Ark via Jack's Rake in the Lake District. I think it's more evenly paced and pro-looking. I was using average footage I captured at the time. Learning and understanding more about filming all the time so, I'm hoping to get back up there soon and re-shoot the journey with better camera angles and so on. The style I do understand maybe not to be everyone's taste but it's my effort in getting young'uns intrigued or eager to get out and explore the outdoors. Whence it's pop video feel and short duration. The music's copyright free as long as I'm not making a financial profit (of which I combined various tracks for the final score). Please note there are some technical glitches due to the nature of video codecs and youtube I'm afraid! Anyway, hope you enjoy!!