Would you start a hill-walk by jumping out of a plane?

Though for most of us the answer would be a firm no, leading UK free-climber Leo Houlding not only skydives in to kick-start his most recent adventure but also ends his ascent of Baffin Island’s Mount Asgard (2015m) with a BASE jump.
And you can get a taste of his incredible journey with this adrenaline-filled trailer for his new film The Asgard Project, which won the People’s Choice Award at last year’s Kendal Mountain Film Festival.
“It was the most amazing adventure I’ve had so far,” says Leo. “From all the planning I put in back home, to the skydive at the start, walking and to base camp, climbing Canada’s Mount Asgard, BASE jumping off the top, then doing the week-long trek back to the nearest town – it was just incredible!”
Want to see more? The DVD, crammed with special features is available now from www.posingproductions.com
And find out what Leo Houlding carries in his rucksack exclusively in the April issue of Trail – out now!
Note: There’s some lively language at the very end of this trailer so if you’re offended by swearing cover your ears…