Squash Falconer - the Everest expedition

For most of us, the thought of summiting the highest mountain in the world would be enough of a challenge in its own right. Not, though, for Squash Falconer. Merely climbing Everest clearly didn't seem tough enough, so Squash hatched a plan to climb and then PARAGLIDE off the summit! Crazy? We think she might be...

This would not be the first extreme adventure that Squash had planned.  Last year she rode a motorcycle down to the south of France, climbed Mont Blanc and then flew from the summit, making history as the first British woman to do so in the process.

On the 12th May this year Squash reached the summit of Everest and the top of world. Sadly, the weather conditions conspired against her and prevented her from paragliding down as planned and she had to make a more traditional decent. Full details of her Everest climb and aborted flight can be seen on her website at www.squashfalconer.com.

However, Squash filmed much of the build-up to the expedition and the climb to the summit itself, and has put together this often breath-taking video. This video can be viewed on her website, but she has also been kind enough to share it here with LFTO - we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.