Seven summits video special!

Hardly any of us will ever get to the tops of the highest mountains on each continent: but as the weather gets damp and inspiration runs thin, take a look at LFTO’s video special this week: footage from expeditions to 7 of the world's highest mountains.

Watch these and you’ll get an idea of just how huge the achievement is, from braving high-altitude horror on Everest to hostile jungles in Indonesia. Sit back and enjoy!

North America: Denali (6,138m)
An incredible film charting mountaineer Jordan Romero’s ascent of North America’s highest mountain, and one of the coldest and most inhospitable in the world, Alaska’s Mount McKinley – also known as Denali. This ascent is made all the more extraordinary in that Jordan is 11 years old... And Denali was his fifth seven summit!

Mount McKinley - one of the most inhospitable places on earth



South America: Aconcagua (6,962m)
Frank makes it to the top of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America! Way to go, Frank. No, we don’t know who Frank is, either... But he seems like a nice chap and he’s clearly thrilled to get to the top. And who wouldn’t be... A video which captures the palpable second of success on a mountain you’ve devoted months to climbing.

Aconcagua - the highest mountain in South America



Europe: Elbrus (4,741m)
Six young British fellas attempt to summit the highest mountain in Europe, the maligned Elbrus in the Caucasus. After a series of failed attempts, this video tracks their progress as they give it one last stab...

Mount Elbrus - Europe's highest



Antarctica: Vinson (4,892m)
Summitting the highest peak on Antarctica, the formidable Vinson, with a group of International Mountain Guides who appear slightly bemused by the whole experience. Funky tunes, too...

The formidable Mount Vinson in slightly chilly Antarctica


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Africa: Kilimanjaro (5,885m)
LFTOer Tom Reader climbed Kilimanjaro and produced this short film, which has been shortlisted for Trail Magazine and LFTO's Homemade Mountain Movie competition. We think you’ll agree it captures the journey, hardship and eventual elation of climbing the world’s highest freestanding mountain, with some beautifully shot scenes.

Kilimanjaro, as climbed by LFTOer Tom Reader



Australasia: Carstensz Pyramid (4,884m)
Good footage from the mysterious Carstensz Pyramid – one of the most vehemently scary places on earth, it seems – is pretty rare, and after watching this trailer for a documentary about the region, you may get a good idea why! WARNING: contains footage of blood-and-guts native customs which some may find disturbing...! 

The Muller Glacier, up the 'sinister' Carstensz Pyramid



Asia: Everest (8,850m)
Australian Rex Pemberton has climbed all of the Seven Summits – including Everest, at the age of 21. A personable chap, in this video we follow him on his training, preparation and the final summit attempt on the world’s highest mountain.

The highest of them all - Mount Everest