Exclusive: Lipstick Blondes' Cho Oyu movie preview...

Six weeks ago two lipstick blond mountaineers became the first people and the only ladies to summit Cho Oyu, in the Himalayas, this autumn.

And now they are giving us a sneak preview as to how they climbed this 8,201m giant.

Suzy and Squash have created a movie which they've submitted to the 'short film' category at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival next weekend. Their film is of a trip where they saved a man's life and had their tents blown away in 100mph winds.

Here is our sneak preview...

This is a great player to watch individual videos through.


AND keep your eye open for the February edition of Trail, where Suzy will be giving a 'Used and abused' analysis of the ice axe that saved her life!