EXCLUSIVE Messner on Everest video special

To accompany Trail Magazine’s exclusive interview with the world’s greatest mountaineer (March issue, on sale now!) LFTO presents three Messner-themed videos courtesy of Leo Dickinson – the man who filmed Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler’s 1978 climb of Everest: the first without oxygen.

These videos are taken from the DVD Everest Unmasked (www.adventurearchive.com) which, as well as featuring the film of the ascent itself, has an enviable suite of extras including an interview with Noel Odell – the last man to see Mallory and Irvine alive in 1924 – uncut summit reels from Messner’s camera, an interview with George Mallory Jr on returning from the summit and extensive interviews with Messner himself.

Messner on Messner
An interview with Reinhold shortly before attempting Everest in which he explains his mountaineering philosophy.

Noel Odell on Mallory and Irvine
An extraordinary clip from an interview with Professor Noel Odell – filmed in the 1980s when he was very elderly  – on the moment he watched Mallory and Irvine disappear behind the clouds and into history.

Messner’s Everest summit footage
A clip from the uncut reel of Messner’s video camera, showing Peter Habeler – delirious with exhaustion – becoming joint first to reach the summit of the Everest without oxygen in 1978.