VIDEOS: Bear Grylls' five most disgusting meals!

TV adventurer Bear Grylls is well known for his ability to stomach just about anything.

But which of his grotesque outdoor feasts pushed him furthest to the limit?

We've scanned the web to find the five most revolting, stomach churning clips of Bear showing us the depths you may need to go in a survival situation.

If you're currently enjoying a bite to eat, make sure you finish it before you start watching... and keep a bucket handy just in case.

Scroll down to see our Bear Grylls menu...




For our starter today we have live snake...



Now it's time to wash that down with a rather liquidy yak's eyeball



For our main course we get to sift through bear poo looking for semi-digested fruit



Would you like a drink with that? We have freshly squeezed elephant crap



And for dessert - larvae. Save the big one until the end - it's particularly juicy