The fastest, scariest way down a mountain

We've found it! The one mountain sport we don't think we'll be giving a try. Terrain flying is as extreme as it gets and only a handful of people in the world can do it, and (sadly) not all of them do it for long, for reasons of, erm, death. Our resident danger monkey (and digital marketer) James Macdonald flies wingsuits and even he says: "It's crazy. Basically you take the most dangerous sport on earth - BASE* jumping - and make it a lot more dangerous. If you don't do it properly you end up somewhere too close to the mountain, too low to open your chute. And that's bad." Still, we're grateful somebody did it for the sake of this simply incredible video. Kudos to the currently injured Loïc Jean-Albert (the man behind it) and get well soon.


(Click here to see a longer version.) 

And in case that whetted your appetite, here's a longer compilation from Norway. Bear in mind as you watch the fact that unpowered wingsuits can't generate any positive lift: would you fly into the gorge at 3min 10sec?



* No, we can never remember what BASE stands for either: it's Buildings, Antennae, Spans and Earth.

A longer version of Loic's amazing film