Sherpa Adventure Gear

Often promotional videos can be, well, just a little too commercial.

Obviously, that's the point - they're made to promote a particular product or service, and their artistic merits are secondary to that.

This one, however, is different.

Whether it's the sincere voiceover, the emotive soundtrack, the breath-taking Himalayan scenery, or the fact that Sherpa Adventure Gear is a genuine Nepalese brand with its roots still very much buried at the feet of the world's highest mountains, we're not sure. It's probably a combination of all of the above.

But we love this video, we believe in this video and we'd happily watch it over and over again, before popping out to pick up a genuine, hand-knitted Nepalese Sherpa Adventure Gear hat.

Oh yes, as promo videos go, this is a good one.