My choice of cooking system: the titan combo

hey ya. well goes .. my choice of cooking systems. i started off many years ago with an swiss army trangia cookset weighs almost 1kg but will do anything ... also it is not that great carrying it -the weight- i then moved on to aluminium trangia cookset which was better but did not have a great heat transfer... so i decided to load myself up with a bit of cash and go for the msr combo titan kettle and cup. kettle 118g cup50g. i use the kettle for boiling water and cooking meals ... the cup is great for mixing sauces ready to be added when the pasta is about ready. it really just about does everything. -shame it does not cook for you lol- at under 200 grammes it is about as light a cookset as you will get and will last for years. just remember when melting snow to prime the kettle with a lil water first! my cup goes inside the kettle along with my home made pop can stove, it is a side burner and does not require a stand. the windshield is made from a 'mid' section part of a can also ... stove 20g shield 10g. works great. one thing that bugs me is an msr pocket rocket+ 100 gas should fit inside the kettle ... i never managed to do it ! cheers well that is my cook system. i suppose it is my evolution over the years ... have got quite a pile of pots n pans.