Trail magazine - September 2017 issue

On sale 10th August to 6th September

16 Instant Escapes

Mountain adventures ready-made for right now... just add YOU!

  • A great ridge, amazing view... and solitude guranteed on Lakeland's lost Pike
  • A night on Snowdon's wild side
  • Snowpatch hunting in the Highlands
  • Mountain photo tips to shoot like a pro
  • Rucksacks and soft shells reviewed
  • Hill-prep your mobile
  • Yor bivvying kit-list

All of this and more can be found in the new September issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 10th August.

Better together

Take a wander around the head of Buttermere to discover two fells that, while splendid in their own right, are scintillating as a pair.

The one-storey hut is nearly invisible from above, blending seamlessly into the crags and spoil around it.

16 Instant adventures

September is the golden month. There are 30 days of this brilliance, so make them count! Need inspiration? Here's 8 pages packed with ideas...

With the sun lower in the sky, the light has a kind of clarity, depth and warmth - like a filter has been laid over the landscape.

An unexpected find

A substandard campsite beneath a lowly hill? In Snowdonia, this sublime wild camp equalled more than the sum of its parts.

Two summer-fat ponies ambled to the shore, nibbling at the grass.

Life at boot level

Montane flora is the galaxy of life that changes with every metre of height - and appreciating it can bring rich rewards to a day on the hill.

With mountain plants it’s about their tenacity... their enduring of the elements.

The last of the summer snow

You'll find them in unusual places, hidden away and hard to reach. Getting there has a satisfaction matched only by the wonder of what you'll find - a small patch of winter in the height of summer.

The particular drift that forms in Garbh Choire Mor has been known about for centuries and holds the title for Scotland’s Longest Lasting Snow.


Skills, gear, and routes

All this and more in the September issue of Trail magazine
on sale 10.08.17