Trail magazine - October 2017 issue

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Snowdonia's Ultimate Route

Tryfan, Bristly Ridge and The Glyders

North Wales is stuffed full of incredible routes taking in magnificent mountains, so trying to establish which is the best is no mean feat. But we think we've done it, and we're pretty sure you'll approve. Plus, we've got wicked wild camping amongst Skye's Quiraing, a love letter to the Arrochar Alps, a crash course in navigation in the Lake District, plus an in-depth look at the rights and wrongs of wild camping including the legalities and loopholes. And of course there's the usual hefty dose of skills and tips, gear reviews and epic routes.

All of this and more can be found in the new October issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 7th September.


Chain of Gold

Routes whose every detail seems sculpted specifically for the adventurous mountain walker don't come along all that often. But when they do, they come in threes...

“The rock of Bristly Ridge is frilled like some mythological horse's mane - horned, twisted and curly - the sort of strange, physics-defying form that looks like it might blow given a stiff breeze.”

Accessible Alps

Right by Loch Lomond and moments from the road stand a cluster of knobbly peaks. You could spend several days and nights lost here. Or you could walk the best in one epic trip...

“Topping out means threading the infamous needle - too vertigo-inducing for my liking.”


The night between

Some places are known as 'thin'. Not quite of this world, not quite of the next. What's it like to sleep there? In the Quiraing, we found out...

“A gentle ruffle across the loch, a pale kind of darkness, and vibrant silence.”

Foundations of Navigation

A good grasp of route-finding fundamentals is the basis for confidence in the hills. We head out with an expert to brush up on these vital skills...

“You don't know what you don't know, right? And when it comes to navigation we're talking potential catastrophe avoiding skills.”


Wild camping is a pleasure for many. But should it be a guilty pleasure? What exactly does the law say about where and when you can pitch your tent? And is it time those regulations were changed? With input from those who set the rules and those who would challenge them, Trail examines the rights and wrongs of...

Loitering within tent

“Sadly for those who would us the privilege responsibly, the behaviour of a minority of disrespectful campers led to an unfortunate outcome.”


Skills, gear, and routes

All this and more in the October issue of Trail magazine
on sale 07.09.17