Trail magazine - December 2017 issue

On sale 2nd to 29th November


On Foot in the Lake District

Where has the year gone? It's flying by! But despite the month written on the front of the latest issue of Trail, we've actually got a bit of 2017 left.

So, in the December issue you'll find Trail eeking the last drops of Autumn out of the year by dossing down in an iconic Lake District hostel in a wild valley, applying mindfulness to a day on the hills, breakfasting on a pointy Welsh peak and, umm, sleeping under a rock.

Plus there's a 24 page autumnal gear guide, the usual news, reviews and know-how, and 12 routes to walk this month. All of this and more can be found in the new December issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 2nd November.



Walls and a roof. That's all a building is. But where Black Sail hut's walls and roof reside make this particular building so much more. COme sit by the fire and find out why...

This is a landmark fell for most. For Black Sail, it’s just a neighbour.

Castles in the sky

Invisible on the map, unexpected on the ground - and the perfect foil for a dodgy weather day in the Peak District.

Atmospheric, scrambly, crumbly, intrepid - Alport Castles offers the hillwalker a little slice of the big country...


From under a rock

With tents offering reliable wilderness accommodation, why would anyone sleep under a rock? Maybe, just maybe, it's the morning that makes the night worthwhile...

Aching bones and sore muscles have been replenished by something far greater than sleep. The mountains are calling.

The Power of Nature

Could mindfulness really be the key to happiness and saving the planet? Trail investigates.

Our innate bond with nature is being forgotten and we are losing our ability to experience life with our senses rather than our minds.


Skills, gear, and routes

All this and more in the December issue of Trail magazine
on sale 02.11.17