Trail magazine - November 2017 issue

On sale 7th September to 4th October


Awesome Autumn

Autumn is here. The days are getting shorter, the hours of darkness more numerous. It's probably time we started slowing down and spending more time indoors...

No chance.

In the November issue you'll find Trail taking Himalayan mountaineer Alan Hinkes on his first ever trip up Suilven, exploring the secret life of a Lakeland Cave, rediscovering Wales' forgotten mountain and pointing beginner bothyers in the right direction. Plus there's ice climbing, navigation of Special Forces standard, scrambling grades explained, waterproof jackets reviewed and no fewer than 13 walks to do this month in the form of our detailed route guides. And breathe...

All of this and more can be found in the new November issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 5th October.


Legend of the north

Suilven is a magnetic mountain, drawing attention and devotion from all mountaineers. But one had yet to fall under its influence. Trail took him north to discover the attraction...

Clouds billowed up from its belly and poured over the rock, cascading earthward before catching the breeze and spiralling skywards once more.

Beyond the boundaries

Wales is covered with wild land, but not all of it is protected by National Parks. What does that mean for these hills? We went to one of the highest to find out...

This entire mountain range isn’t corralled by a national park. If it were, it would surely receive far more love than it currently does.


Langstrath cave

High in the Lakeland fells, hidden far from the eyes of mere Wainwright baggers, is a 'secret' cave. So secret I've known about it for at least 15 years. So secret most people with a few years' hillwalking experience know about it. So secret it has a visitors' book, a stove, and a legendary hidden door. For this is no secret. This is the Langstrath cave.

The steel door was rumoured to have been faced with rock.

Ice cool skills

Escaping a wet weather day on the West Highland Way. Honing skills for coming winter. Ticking off an ambition. Just three reasons to give ice climbing a go...

Some 500 tonnes of frozen water coats the walls reaching 12 metres.


Special Forces Navigation

Discover how you can use techniques used by Special Forces to enhance your safety on the hill and be aware of sensory experiences you might have otherwise missed.

I’m weaving about the patrol taking photos when the navigator drops to the floor - shot and killed.


Skills, gear, and routes

All this and more in the October issue of Trail magazine
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