Trail magazine - March 2019 issue

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Snowdonia like you’ve never seen it before

Secret views and silent summits


  • The launch of Mountains for the Mind- pledge your support to get mental health out in the open

  • Mountain Photo of the Year result as voted by you

  • The perfect winter ridge for walkers in the Lake District

  • The best waterproofs and rucksacks for 2019

All of this and more can be found in the new March issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 24th January


Mountains For the Mind

One in four people in Britain experience mental health problems each year, and one in six of us report them to our GP every single week. BUT it’s been scientifically proven that spending time in the great outdoors is a powerful natural anti-depressant, and regular exercise can reduce the risk of depression by 30%. That’s why in 2019 we’re launching Mountains For the Mind – a campaign to finally get mental health out in the open.

I realised hills aren’t just a form of exercise. They really are a form of therapy, and I needed to get back out on them.


Meet Riggindale – the Lake District ridge built for winter wandering. 

The entire mountain was deserted of other people for as far as we could see. We felt alone, bold, daring...


Secret Views of Snowdonia

Despite being one of Britain’s most photographed national parks, the mountains of Eyri still offer plenty of surprises – as a stunning new photography book reveals. Here, the author Nick Livesey shares some of his favourites...

Five and a half years ago I moved to Snowdonia, and after many previous visits I thought I knew the area well. How wrong can you be?

The wonder of weather

Nowhere are we more vulnerable to weather than exposed on a mountaintop. Dr Mike Reading, Senior Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office, heads into the Cairngorms with Trail to share his insights into mountain weather.

It’s hard to imagine a nation more obsessed with weather than us Brits. But those of us who are also mountain lovers take our fixation with weather reports to another level altogether.


Know-how, gear, and routes

All this and more in the March issue of Trail magazine
on sale 24.01.19