Trail magazine - June 2017 issue

On sale 18th May to 14th June

Big days out

"Here comes the sun, doo doo doo doo" (finger's crossed) and we're getting geared up for summer! Inside the June issue you'll find 22 perfect one-day walks for the sunshine season, 2 novices on Ben Nevis, 3 days (and 50km) across the lakes, 7 pages of dedicated dog walking, and more wild-night-out kit that you can count on a calculator. We can't guarantee the sun, but we can promise that you'll find all the inspiration you need for when it shines inside the new June issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 18th May.

Inside this issue...

Ben Novice

Take two mountain newbies, Britain's highest peak and its most thrilling walkers' route. Add a dollop of preparation, a dash of caution and season with just a pinch of luck and you have the ingredients for an inspiring introduction.

They’d been told they could stop for a breather whenever they wanted, but pride can sometimes get in the way of asking.

10 great horseshoe walks

There is a particular elegance in being able to climb a succession of peaks and taking advantage of high-level links to do it efficiently. This is the base theory behind most of Britain's horseshoe trails and applying it has generated a huge number of superb walks.

Like most long walks this one will force you to fully immerse yourself in the undertaking - and this is what makes it such a classic.

The start of something big

'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.' So the saying goes. When it comes to Alan Hinkes' record-breaking career in high-altitude mountaineering, Roseberry Topping is the acorn that started it all.

Over the past 100 years the resulting crag-edged scoop from the hill has led to many - perhaps overly favourable - comparisons with the Matterhorn.

The Scafell Sky Show

Harter Fell might have the best views in the Lake District and, if so, they deserve to be seen at the most spectacular time of day. For that you'll need your sleeping bag...

This done, bellies full and thirst quenched, you can now settle down to watch the ‘Scafell Sky Show’: a slow-moving drama, but beautifully shot and utterly unpredictable.

One man and his dog

Unfailingly trusting, Olive is one enthusiastic canine that beats all other hillwalking companions, and makes the mountains just that bit more special.

As we sat looking out over Ranoch moor, I liked to think she was soaking it all in. In truth she was probabl;y wondering where her next snack was coming from.


Gear, skills and routes

All this and more in the June issue of Trail magazine
on sale 18.05.17