Trail magazine - January 2019 issue

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Easy Hills for Winter

  • The Brecon Beacons for beginners

  • A 36-minute Munro

  • The caverns beneath Coniston


  • Getting off grid in the mountains

  • Gear and know-how for icy terrain

  • 21 gigts for the outdoor enthusiast

All of this and more can be found in the new January issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 29th November.


Stepping up to snowy summits

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Because I have an embarrassing confession to make and one that I’ve not revealed to anybdy before. Deep breath. Ok, here goes…

I have yet to climb a mountain in winter. I am a cherubic maiden to winter hillwalking

Old Man’s Ribs

Ever wondered what lies beneathConiston Old Man? Trail delves below the surface of one of Lakeland’s most renowned fells, so you don’t have to…

We sploshed and shuffled along the dark, eerie passageway before being confronted by a two-way junction that divided our path


36 minute munro

It’s not the highest, or most exciting, and it’s certainly not the prettiest mountain. But if you’ve a little over half-an-hour to spare and are looking to bag a Munro, The Cairnwell is perfect.

Very few big Scottish mountains can be bagged in that sort of window, but The Cairnwell can

Off the grid

Mobile coverage is getting better. 4G is making the mountains more accessible than ever. Reliable communication, increased safety, greater connectivity with those at home. 2019 might be the last year you can be involuntarily off the grid in the hills. But is that a good thing?

Tis year over 75% of call-outs occurring in the summer, and over half of the calls to Scottish Mountain Rescue in 2017 involved no injury


Know-how, gear, and routes

All this and more in the January issue of Trail magazine
on sale 29.11.18