Trail magazine - April 2018 issue

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Helvellyn - discover the mountain that won the nation's vote!

  • The best way up
  • The kit you need
  • Could you do Striding Edge?
  • Behind the scenes with Julia Bradbury


  • The Cuillin Ridge for walkers
  • Snowdonia's Underdog
  • The world's biggest view
  • Hunting the Helm wind

All of this and more can be found in the new April issue of Trail magazine - on sale Thursday 22nd February.


Helvellyn - celebration of a Lakeland Legend

Following the biggest walking poll ever conducted, an ITV show recently named Helvellyn not only as Britain's favourite mountain walk, but its favourite walk of all. Trail takes a look at the best bits of England's third-highest mountain and asks - what makes it the nation's favourite fell?

Swirral Edge pleasantly surprises people with how divertingly gnarly it is

Into the limelight

Firmly in the shadow of other celebrity Snowdonian peaks, the gaze of the masses is blinded to Moel Siabod, but occasionally it's the little stars that shine the brightest.

Shadowy cliffs, the haunts of ravens and not a lot else...


The Cuillin Ridge for Walkers

Think the most fearsome mountains in the land are just for steely-nerved climbers? You're only half right. This is the other half...

Straight away, we have to bend double to climb and soon enough are also breathless with exertion

Blown away

A wind reputed to be so powerful it can strip trees, rip off rooftops and topple horses - no wonder it's the only wind in the UK to be named. Trail heads up Cross Fell in Cumbria to take on the Helm

Who did we think we were anyway, taking on the mighty Helm wind?


The greatest view on the planet

The Faroe islands are not only home to some incredible walks, they also hold a special world record too. Trail climbs The Faroe's tallest peak in search of a once-in-a-lifetime view...

The high vantage point gives another view of the turquoise waters, those crashing waves so still from 880 metres above


Skills, gear, and routes

All this and more in the April issue of Trail magazine
on sale 22.02.18