It's been called the nicest place on the internet many times, its members the most supportive, knowledgeable and enthusiastic out there. It's even been said it's worth joining Facebook for. It's also a terrific way to see what the weather's doing all over the country at all hours of the day, and a breeding ground for meet-ups all over the place. So you if you've got a question, fancy a chat, or just want to gorge on some pics of the great outdoors, come and join in. You'll be very welcome.

This challenge and its group has really opened my eyes to what is really important in life.
— Tracey Moore
I have to say this is the best FB group I belong to. Unlike the others, everyone is so friendly & positive and there is no bickering or snide comments. Thanks everyone
— Douglas Dingwall
I’ve never come across such a positive, supportive and encouraging group of people before
— Alice Webley
If there was an award for best Facebook group this one would be an amazing contender.
— Delma Bryant


Do you know which came first?

Take our quiz to discover how much of a (possibly accidental) outdoor scholar you are.

Lake District or Fake District?

How confident are you about telling Haweswater from Hanoi or Fairfield from the fjords? Pretty confident we'll bet! And yet....

Are you an outdoor bore?

Has your interest in walking, the outdoors, brightly coloured clothing and eye-wateringly expensive footwear become a threat to your standing in society, your relationships and your chances of having an interesting conversation that's NOT about semi-permeable membranes ever again? Don't let the warning signs pass you by. 

What's your mountain match?

We'd like to pair you up with your perfect peak – but will you agree with the result?


Let's find out where in the world where we all are!

This is a map of people doing #walk1000miles (many of whom you'll find in the Facebook group). You can add yourself too!
1) Click on the + sign in the top right of the map
2) Enter your name
3) Enter your rough location
4) Add a photo (if you wish) by clicking on the 'Media' tab
5) Enter some details in the 'Details' tab if you'd like to
6) Choose a colour for your marker pin
7) Click on submit. 

Need to edit your pin info? Click on the pin to open its information balloon and then click on the pin's (ie your) name. This will bring up an edit dialog that will allow you to make changes to your entry. You can also relocate, or remove the marker using one of the small icons to the right bottom of the information balloon.

On mobile, touch on the blue square with three horizontal lines on it. Then touch on '+ Add'.

Go to #walk1000miles home page.