So what's all this about? Climbing Everest... from your doorstep? Well, yes. But the Everest Anywhere Challenge is so much more than that.

Here's a challenge that will get you out, get you high and get you connecting with us and each other - all the while climbing towards the ultimate uphill goal: the height of Everest.

Everest Anywhere is all about total ascent. If you’re a hillwalker, every time you come home from the mountains, you come home with a certain number of metres of ascent under your belt. In the same way your car might have covered 250 miles to drive you to Snowdonia, your feet might have climbed 800 metres of ascent from where you parked your car to the summit of Snowdon. 

Total ascent is uphill steps; the vertical distance you cover, expressed in metres or feet.

Climbing Snowdon by the Pyg Track from Pen y Pass is 800m of vertical distance. That’s nearly a tenth of the height of Everest, and a decent day’s hillwalking for most. Some days you might cover 500m of ascent. Other days might be as much as 1700m. But the chances are, at some point in the year you will hit that magic 8848m mark and you can say: “I’ve climbed the height of Everest!”
So this year Trail is challenging you to do just that. Clock up an ascent of 8848m – at least! – and to share with us the magic moment you get there. 

That’s 29,028ft – the cruising altitude of a 747, the bottom of the stratosphere, and the height of the highest point on earth. Let’s see how quickly you can clock up those metres beneath your boots in 2017. And more importantly, where will you be when you reach it? 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now below and see how high you
can climb in 2017!