The best space-saving camping cutlery (2022)

Easy to clean and lightweight these small accessories are a necessary addition to your pack.

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by William Lobley and Ryan Gilmore |

Cutlery is something that is all too easy to look over when you're planning a big camping trip. You'll remember the mess tins, pots and pans but the actual instruments of eating can be forgotten. Anything can be used as cutlery in a pinch but there's something so undignified about eating a plate of beans with a house key or tent peg.

There's an array of items available out there, from the humble spork to proper five-piece travel sets. We’ve done the hard work for you and assembled the best options available for your next camping trip.

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The eco-friendly option

Made using rice husk (a byproduct in rice production), this stylish cutlery set is an

Lund London Cutlery Set in Travel Case
The future of sporks

The humble spork u2013 it's not a monstrous hybrid, it's your culinary companion. It's light,

A very clever design, this space-saving kit can perform seven vital culinary duties, including

Extra-long cutlery

Why do you need a long spoon? Well, if you're eating out of pots and camping meal bags, you need

A proper cutlery kit for campers

For those who like to take a little decorum on the trials with them, this set is similar to a

Space saving design

The ultimate in space-saving sets, ideal for backpackers, hikers and trekkers. When the food or

Ecoart Silicone Collapsible Bowl Cup Set with Spork

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