Alfred Wainwright knew a thing or two about walking in the rain. The legendary guidebook author spent 13 years roaming the Cumbrian mountains while researching, writing and illustrating his Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland  ells. Wainwright walked at all times of year, in every type of weather, but it never dampened his love for the Lake District landscape he adored so much.

Old Alf knew the value of a decent set of waterproofs too, and as he so famously put it: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” And Wainwright wasn’t the only one. William Wordsworth, the famous English Romantic poet, was inspired by the British countryside and the weather that defined and shaped it. His poem How Beautiful is the Rain eulogises about everything from clattering rooftops and roaring rivers to pouring window panes and overflowing spouts.

We want to celebrate everything we love about walking in our wet, wild, windy and wonderful landscape, because – let’s face it – if you don’t enjoy walking in inclement weather you’ll probably never go walking in Britain. Enjoy the stories and anecdotes from fellow foul-weather warriors below, check out the new clothing range from Rohan designed to keep you dry and warm on your walks, and enter our wet weather selfie competition for the chance to  win a pair of Troggings trousers from Rohan!

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Why we love wild weather…

Snowy adventures

“I really like it when it’s bitterly cold and snowing. I know, I’m odd. When the ‘Beast From The East’ hit earlier this year I’d go out togged up like Scott of the Antarctic and come back and have a large mug of hot chocolate.” - Alyson Rickus

“Walking in the snow feels refreshing and invigorating and when I get home, I know I’ve achieved something. I love watching the landscape as the flakes fall and hearing the crunch under my feet as I tread on freshly-laid snow.”- Helen Jane Taylor

Battling the elements

“I find a windy walk energising and invigorating, but if I can put one foot in front of the other then the weather is irrelevant.” - Zena Jaggard

“It’s character building and a great sense of achievement, as you feel like you’ve conquered the world when the weather is awful.” - Tracey Parnell

Layering up

“Rain doesn’t bother me in the slightest – that’s what waterproofs are for!” - Diane Neale

“It means you get to wear the very expensive jacket you bought!” - Phillip Hall

Wet and wild

“The most alive I feel is on top of a hill, with the wind blowing a gale and rain in the air. Pure mindfulness. They should bottle it!” - Karen Hayes

“There’s nothing happier than the feeling you get when you’ve changed into dry clothes and are having a hot cup of tea to warm up after getting drenched in the rain.” - Charlotte Katherine



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