Give trees, not chocolate, this Easter

Five reasons to dedicate a tree for Easter

Forget sweet treats that are gone in a flash, this Easter make a lasting difference by dedicating a tree or larger woodland grove to someone instead.

Here are five reasons why you should:

1. We all need trees

Every dedication directly helps the Woodland Trust’s work standing up for woods and trees across the UK. We all need trees,  and with a single tree capable of supporting thousands of species of wildlife you know a dedication is really making a difference to the natural world around us.

2. It’s a little bit different

It may be traditional to buy eggs at Easter, but more and more people are looking to do something a little bit different for family and friends. Endless supplies of chocolate aren’t healthy for anyone and children in particular can get overwhelmed with sweet treats at this time of year.  Give something more personal and long lasting instead – each dedicated tree comes with a special Easter dedication pack including a personalised certificate and information about the wood you have chosen.

3. You can visit the wood anytime for free

The Woodland Trust owns and manages more than 1,000 woods all over the UK and there are hundreds with trees available for dedication. The Woodland Trust doesn’t charge entry fees for its woods so you are free to visit whenever you choose. Take a look at their website and see if there’s one near you or someone you'd normally buy an Easter egg for.

4. They last for generations

Every dedication is unique and will last and grow for generations. From a suggested donation of just £15, you can visit the dedicated tree or area for years to come and see it flourish throughout the seasons.

5. Trees are healthier than chocolate

Step away from an excess of sugar this year. How about a woodland walk instead? It’s a proven way to improve your health and physical and mental wellbeing and children will enjoy an Easter trip to the woods just as much. You might even spot a real life Easter bunny!

To find out more about the scheme, or to dedicate a tree or woodland visit