Walk 1000 Miles in 2015!

It sounds like a lot, doesn't it? 1000 miles in 12 months � and we're already a few months down! But actually, it's not as much as you think � and it could have some truly amazing results�


Country Walking Magazine launched #Walk1000Miles at the start of the year, and the response has been amazing. The challenge is simple: walk 1000 miles between the start and end of the year. Record your mileage, whether it's an epic walk in a national park, or your local stroll, and even just the steps you take every day. You can then share your running total (or walking total, to be more accurate) with others on the magazine's Facebook and Twitter pages.

So what does 1,000 miles look like? Well, even now, it breaks down to just over 25 miles a week, which is a shade over 3.5 miles a day. But if you want to start now in early March, and reduce the rate accordingly - the pro-rated amount is 840 miles by December 31st. And if you start to flag, just take a look at the Country Walking pages on social media, and find a community of like-minded souls who can spur you on.

The results speak for themselves: official studies have shown that regular walking (not even very vigorous walking) can reduce the risks of heart failure, help combat depression and anxiety, keep your joints healthy and even stave off dementia. Walking changes your perspective, broadens your mind and makes you think differently. And of course, a good walk can make the rewards of a good tearoom, pub or coffee shop all the more worthwhile � and offset the calories too!

And if you fancy raising money for a favourite charity while you rack up the miles, so much the better.