Leo Houlding, icon of British adventure and star of The Last Great Climb, tackles Trail Magazine's monthly interrogation.   

Leo Houlding. Photo: Tom Bailey / © Trail Magazine

Leo Houlding. Photo: Tom Bailey / © Trail Magazine

Highest mountain you’ve climbed?
Everest, in 2007 while filming The Wildest Dream – it was more of a walk than a climb though.

What’s your nickname?
The Fly or Springer.

Funniest thing you’ve seen on a hill?
Somebody being taught how to use crampons at 8000m on Everest, or my mate Jason Pickles getting caught short on a cliff and having to cut himself out of his long johns with a knife.

You’re in a pub. What’s on the menu?
Sunday roast and a pint of Guinness.

Who would star in a movie about your life?
Leonardo DiCaprio.

What tastes best on the hill?
Single malt, dehydrated food and Clif Shots and Bloks [energy and nutrition boosts].  

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Cow’s blood direct from the slit throat of a beast I’d just slaughtered, or possibly the liver cut fresh from the same beast. I was taking part in a ceremony with a Masai tribe in Kenya.  

Who’s your mountaineering hero?
I’ve got two. Sir Chris Bonington (British mountaineering legend) and Al Rouse (the first Briton to summit K2).

Weirdest place you’ve slept?
Halfway up a mile-high cliff in Antarctica, a 3-foot ledge on a 1000m cliff in the Arctic, or in the Cave of Autana in the Amazon jungle – the world’s largest, highest quartzite cave system.

Wild camp or posh hotel?
Wild camp every time.

Who would you most like to share a tent with?
Penelope Cruz. No... I’m married! Will Ferrell; he’s funny.

Scafell Pike, Snowdon or Ben Nevis?
I’m from the Lakes, so Scafell Pike.

Strangest person you’ve bumped into on a mountain?
[English reality TV star] Jack Osbourne, halfway up El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.

When were you last naked outdoors?
Skinny-dipping in a Norwegian fjord.

How much is a pint of Yewbarrow Ale at the Wasdale Head Inn?
£3.40? [So close; it’s £3.30!]

Your ultimate mountain day in three words…
Fast, free, fly.

This was originally published in Trail Magazine in March 2014