Deuter Trek Lite +8

The Deuter Trek lite +8 is a Sleeping Bags


The Deuter Trek Lite +8 is a versatile and high-performance sleeping bag with goose downfilling.
The Trek Lite is an extremely lightweight sleeping bag which takes up very little space, making it perfect for those who like to travel light without having to go without the comfort of down. The new L models are large enough for tall travellers. 
The Deuter Trek Lite +8 is an extremely lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag designed for springtime and summer use.

Deuter Dream lite 500

The Deuter Dream lite 500 is a Sleeping Bags


The super lightweight Deuter Dream Lite 500 is designed for athletes in search of a backup sleeping bag.

This lightweight and handy sleeping bag perfectly meets the needs of sporty types who prioritise lightness and are willing to compromise on comfort. The Dream Lite is just the bag for a Spartan night or bivouac.

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Valandre Bloody Mary

The Valandre Bloody mary is a Sleeping Bags

Valandré introduces a three-season sleeping bag that exceeds the performance of all other three-season bags on the market: the Bloody Mary.

Featuring Valandré's Tubular Bell construction, an interchangeable collar system, and the world’s best French Fat Grey Goose down, the Bloody Mary will take you across three seasons in amazing comfort.

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Deuter Orbit O

The Deuter Orbit 0 is a Sleeping Bags

Orbit sleeping bags are durable and easy care bags boasting all of the most fundamental features. The Orbit 0 is a versatile two-season bag perfect for short treks.

The Orbit 0°C is a lightweight companion for your treks and can withstand cold temperatures.

These no-nonsense, protective bags are especially cosy thanks to their soft and functional fibre filling.

Orbit bags are made with body warmer fleece wool near the arms, hips and feet. Those with larger builds will enjoy being wrapped up inside the L version, while women will love the SL, the shortest of the three models.

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