Petzel Nao+

he brand new Petzl Nao + is a very powerful multi-beam headlamp designed to answer all outdoor activity needs. The Nao+ is rechargeable and features totally new connectivity via the MyPetzl Light.
With a massive 750 lumens of output, the NAO+ headlamp has raised the bar for challenging night activities! 


Connected and smart, it is designed for performance. Via the MyPetzl Light mobile app, users can look at their smartphone or tablet any time to check remaining battery life and change headlamp performance to suit their activity. 
Users simply download the profiles provided or create their own custom profiles. During activity, NAO +'s REACTIVE LIGHTING technology analyses the ambient light and adjusts the brightness instantly to user requirements. With optimised power and manual action reduced to a minimum, sports enthusiasts can now concentrate fully on their chosen activity.

Petzl Nao + headlamp, a rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology that automatically adjusts brightness. A smart lamp that suits any of your activities. The Petzl Nao + headlamp has a more efficient Accu with new LED technology. Instead of 575 lumens, the lamp now has 750 lumens for 6.5 hours of battery life in Reactive Lighting mode.

 - 4 reasons to choose Petzl's Nao headlamp: innovative technology, smart lighting, adapts to whatever you want to do, an impressive battery life.

Try it once and you'll never use anything else. You'll never have to worry again about what beam to use, as it adjusts automatically to whatever you're doing, whether it's a sports activity or not!