I've finished! Now what?

Take a moment to consider your awesomeness.


You’ve just done something incredible, that statistically speaking virtually no-one in your country or county let alone your community or cul-de-sac can say they have done. Here’s betting you’re a bit prouder, a bit sunnier and a fair bit more can-doish than this time last year. And I’ll take a punt by betting you’ve had a few less colds than in previous years, you’re a bit less reluctant to face yourself in the mirror and your chances of growing old the way people used to seem remote and ridiculous. Through determination, positivity and self-belief you’ve done something amazing. You’ve turned back time. You’ve walked 1000 miles.

Now what should you do?

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine


1) Print your certificate

And sign it. Stick it on the fridge. Feel awesome. Do it.

2) Tell the group

We love to celebrate! And we really know what it means! Do it.

3) Fill in this form

To let us know how you felt about it – you might change a life by inspiring someone else! And you might get in the magazine. Do it.

4) Order your completer’s medal

Chunky, funky and available for the first time this year – £7.50 delivered and dispatching late October. Do it.

5) Keep going!

Set a marker for yourself to target next year – the same 1000 but a month earlier? 10% more miles? 50%? – so you feel this good this time next year too!

7) Sign up for 2018!

6) Join our army

Are you wildly enthusiastic about #walk1000miles? Are you willing to help spread the word about our 2018 challenge, both online and in the real world? Are you happy to send emails, put up posters and generally dogsbody for the greater good? Just for the joy of being part of it? If your answer is yes-and-a-half, apply to join our army group here. (Please note: you will not be party to special treats or secrets or anything like that so don't feel you will miss out by not joining. It's a working group and I'm a mean boss!)

7) Oh, and why not treat yourself to a subscription to Country Walking and get £3819.85’s-worth of OS mapping free* as well as 13 issues of the UK's best-selling and fastest-growing walking magazine?

*Your Country Walking subscription  now comes with free premium access to OS maps on your tablet, phone and computer. That's every single sheet of Landranger and Explorer mapping – currently on sale from the OS at the discounted price of £1238.77 and £2536.08 respectively.