Great idea! Challengers’ tips for extra motivation


Save 10p, 50p or even more for every mile you walk! Great incentive and adds up fast. This is Juliet Marshall’s.


Make a scrapbook of your walks – maps, mementoes, doodles and more. This is Kate Gillingham’s.


Turn it into a virtual walk and see how far you get – Tash Leigh-Willetts is into her second year walking a virtual circuit of Britain


Start a blog – this is Jacqui Sykes’ on Facebook page, ‘Go Jacqui Go’

Jacqui Sykes.jpg


Compile a photo book using a site like Photobox, Albelli, Vistaprint – this is Christina Lander’s


Upcycle an hold road atlas into a record of places you've walked – or want to. This is Denise Law’s.


Record the seasons by taking weekly shots of the same place – Ann Grundy has started on her regular route


Pick up a few bits of litter like Emmajo Tuczemskyi Haslam does. Many hands make clean countryside! (See the March for details of our Spring Clean campaign!)