I've finished! Now what?

Take a moment to consider your awesomeness.


You’ve just done something incredible, that statistically speaking virtually no-one in your country or county let alone your community or cul-de-sac can say they have done. Here’s betting you’re a bit prouder, a bit sunnier and a fair bit more can-doish than this time last year. And I’ll take a punt by betting you’ve had a few less colds than in previous years, you’re a bit less reluctant to face yourself in the mirror and your chances of growing old the way people used to seem remote and ridiculous. Through determination, positivity and self-belief you’ve done something amazing. You’ve turned back time. You’ve walked 1000 miles.

Now what should you do?

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine

Guy Procter, editor, Country Walking magazine


1) Print your certificate

And sign it. Stick it on the fridge. Feel awesome. Do it.

2) Tell the group

We love to celebrate! And we really know what it means! Do it.

3) Fill in this form

To let us know how you felt about it – you might change a life by inspiring someone else! And you might get in the magazine. Do it.

4) Order your completer’s medal

Chunky, funky and available for the first time this year – £7.50 delivered and dispatching late October. Do it.

5) Keep going!

Set a marker for yourself to target next year – the same 1000 but a month earlier? 10% more miles? 50%? – so you feel this good this time next year too!

6) Join our army

Are you wildly enthusiastic about #walk1000miles? Are you willing to help spread the word about our 2018 challenge, both online and in the real world? Are you happy to send emails, put up posters and generally dogsbody for the greater good? Just for the joy of being part of it? If your answer is yes-and-a-half, apply to join our army group here. (Please note: you will not be party to special treats or secrets or anything like that so don't feel you will miss out by not joining. It's a working group and I'm a mean boss!)

7) Oh, and why not treat yourself to a subscription to Country Walking and get £3819.85’s-worth of OS mapping free* as well as 13 issues of the UK's best-selling and fastest-growing walking magazine?

*Your Country Walking subscription  now comes with free premium access to OS maps on your tablet, phone and computer. That's every single sheet of Landranger and Explorer mapping – currently on sale from the OS at the discounted price of £1238.77 and £2536.08 respectively.

Download and print your completion certificate

Done your first 500 and want to pin up morale-boosting proof for all to see? Smashed the magic 1000 and looking for something fitting to grace the downstairs loo wall? Just want something to hold up and hold while saying 'Yay!' for your next Facebook post?

Download and print your choice of our official completion certificates by clicking on one of the images below!

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Great idea! Challengers’ tips for extra motivation


Save 10p, 50p or even more for every mile you walk! Great incentive and adds up fast. This is Juliet Marshall’s.


Make a scrapbook of your walks – maps, mementoes, doodles and more. This is Kate Gillingham’s.


Turn it into a virtual walk and see how far you get – Tash Leigh-Willetts is into her second year walking a virtual circuit of Britain


Start a blog – this is Jacqui Sykes’ on Facebook page, ‘Go Jacqui Go’

Jacqui Sykes.jpg


Compile a photo book using a site like Photobox, Albelli, Vistaprint – this is Christina Lander’s


Upcycle an hold road atlas into a record of places you've walked – or want to. This is Denise Law’s.


Record the seasons by taking weekly shots of the same place – Ann Grundy has started on her regular route


Pick up a few bits of litter like Emmajo Tuczemskyi Haslam does. Many hands make clean countryside! (See the March for details of our Spring Clean campaign!)


2016 completers: the Roll of Honour

As of 22 December the number of declared miles among completers in the Facebook group members totalled a whopping 1,041,820! And thanks to Susan Miller we are able to publish all their names here.

Well done to one and all!


Tee Anne

Sophie Adams

Jenny Allwood

Ian Antill

Margaret Antill

Susan May Arslan

Liz Atkins

Richard Adamson  

Kathy Arnold

Julie Aspinwall

Stewart Allen

Melony Angier

Kate Arthur

Lorna Adams



Melissa Buckler Smith 

Karen Becks

Norman Bradshaw

Shaun Byrne

 Sally Bishop

Claire Bond

Matt Booth

Wendy Bowler

Amanda Brophy 

Bruce Burr-Lonnon

Jan Barker

Delma Bryant 

Fayona Bareham

Helen Britt

Ian Belcher

Neil Bichard

Karen Brittain 

Denise Bainbridge

Maggie Bolton 

Dawn Bromley 

Chris Bamford 

Norma Brazendale

John Buckle

Hugh Bennett

Dan Byrne

Kathryn Byle

Clive Barker 

Roger Bickerstaffe

Ruth Beattie

Graham Benton

Sarah Byne

Charlotte Brackett

Sara Bruun

Peter Boxshall

Sally Bishop

Susie Birchall

David Blake

Isobel Brown

Judith Brannen

Shaun Byrne

Nicola Burton

Katie Bullock

Tracey Barker

Ellen Bryan

Andy Broadley


Jill Cutter 

Carol Crossland 

Sally Carter

Colin Charlton

Heidi Carver-Balsiger

Toni Charlton

Amanda Crees

Sandra Cuel

Lorna Clarkson

Graham Crawford White

Jen Cunliffe

Stephen Crouch

Sarah Clark

Janet Coates

Amanda Cann

Lisa Jane Coley

Julie Cherry

Janita Chooramum

Martin Clee

Elspeth Cox

Maureen Crossley

Sarah Cohen

Alison Cherry

Phil Cherry

Natalie Corner

Darren Keith Chittock

Kayleigh Coxhead

Paul Croft



Yvonne Dixon

Nicola Davies

Liz Dawson

Jennifer Daniel

Sarah L Drabble

Louise Dufresne 

Sam Davies 

Jane Durkin

Trudie Davidson

Angelika Davies

Laura Dale

Sallly Davies 

Heidi Dexter

Emma Davis

Neil de Rue

Melanie Devine

Claire Dodge

Dennis Downey

Susa Dickerson

Andrew Davies

Anne Doyle

Sarah Davies

Rod Davidson


Angela Eves

Jo Eddington

Phil Early

Vicki Edwards

Cheryl M Evans

Fiona Eryilmaz

Jan Ellis

Clare Emery

Helen Ellis

Lynne Ewart


Annie Nannie Spot Finlay

Marie Fenwick 

Wayne Fielding

Frank Fuller

Sue Fuller

Karen Finch

Claire Field

Chris Field

Annie Finlay

Dawn Franks

Ali Fawcett Wood

Mary Flookes

Peter Frewer

Kerry Forkner


Amanda Karen G Goldston 

Glennys Gibbs

Janice Godbehere

Clifford Gray

Kate Goss

Jacqueline Gale

Jenny Gurden

Laura Gonzalez

Ann Grundy

David Grundy

Donna Gurr

Julie Grocott

Michael Godfrey

Mitch Glenn

Lesley Giddins


Julie Harle

Christine Henry

Linda Hopkinson

Rachel Hart

dSteve Hall

Rachel Hart

Erwin Heywood

Sue Hannasford

Amanda Hall

Deborah Hadley

Caroline Hughes

Zoe Harle

Paul Hammond

Rachel Harrington

Valerie Haigh

Billy Harvey

Charlotte Harding

Jamie Hardman

Janet Harding

Ann Henderson

Deb Haly

Robert Hazelwood

Jon Horrocks

Lyndsay Heap

Lynne Holcroft 

Carolyn Heywood

Ruth Holmes-Davitt

Dean Handley

Sian Hill

Simon Higgens


Frances Ipson

Stanley Ipson


Anne Jones

Bill Jones

Ali Johnston

Terry Jones

Bev Joy Lock

Julie Johnson 

Glenn Jobson

Alan James

Ian James


Sally Key-Burke

Laura Kennedy

Isabel Kendrick

Gina Knighton

Jonathan Kaye



Richard Leggott

Christina Lander

Dianne Langthorne

Stephen Leatherbarrow

Cindy Lingard

Jim Linning

Ruthie Lizabeth

Joanna Laverack 

Hannah Lloyd

Peggy La Rue

Kayleigh Lucas

Carole Ludlow Mooney

Robert Lockwood Drabble

Sarah lee

Dee Luscombe

Robert Luscombe

Richard Lander

John Lucas

Ger Loftus

Judith Lewis

Melanie Leete

Helen Lockhart



Rosemary Machin

Michael Machin

Paul Miller 

Karl Maskell

Catherine Murphy

Penny Mattock

Nicola Mallett

Gill Murphy

Rachael Mellis

Vickie Maris 

Karen Maitland

Ria Mitchell

Maureen Morrison

Sharon Mallen

Laura Mulins

Peter Mason

Cheryl Munder Evans

Tracey Moore

Lisa Marie Marshall 

Joanna Moore

Greg Moorehead

Catherine Marson was Bull

Diane Mitchell

Alaric Mose

Andrew Moxon

Alex Mackenzie

Alan Mclean

Hazel Mc Dowell

Leanne Mc Dongh

Margaret Mc Guire


Sheila Needham 

Jim Neal

Vix Norris 

James Neale

Peter Nixon

Tina Ng A Mann


Sue Owens

Elsie O`Donnell

Adrian Owen

Clive Olive

Matthew O` Brien

Chris Oliver



Peter Partington 

Barbara Pintaske

Liz Perry

Leigh Pick

jennifer purvis

Gilly Pusey

Penny Price Jones

 Jackie Parsons

Jeremy Preston-Hoar

Lynne Phelan

Jeanne Pennington

Gav Parrott

Lucy Piper

Hayley Palmer

Gill Palmer

Martin Price

Selina Puckett

Jan Louise Peterson



Wendy Randall

Julie Read

Steve Reader 

Christopher Rees

Angela Reid

Kelly Reid

Catherine Rhodes

R Richards

Paul Rick Rickelsford

Cindy Rowlands

Sadie Rowland

Maggie de Rozario

Craig Roberts

Heather Rose

Julie Ruddick

Elizabeth Rushton



Martin Shipley

Kay Shuttleworth

Emma South 

Maureen Shipley

Catherine Shine

Louise Sutherland

David Smith

Donna Screeves

Mark Smith

Catherine Schaal

Graham Summerbell

Rosy Sookias

Layla Scott

Sue Scott

Chris Swanson

Alexandra Stevenson

Ginette Scrivens

Michelle Smart

Karen shakespeare

Steven Stanton 

Caroline Stimson

Mellissa B Smith

Mark Safier

Kate Seers

Pip Sticks

Scott Skiz Skirrow 

Jackie Smith

Maz Striner

Elmien Smook

Rob Sherwood

Derek Shaw

Helen Som

Ann Sully


Kay Taman

Tracey Todd

Mandy Tory

Joan Taylor

David Thirlwell

Catherine Towlson

Christine Thompson

Kathryn Tarr

Angela Turyom 

Jodie Trembles

Jennie Turnbull

Sam Temple-Scotten

Peter Thompson

Phil Trayner 

Nick Taylor



Tim Unwin


Luke Van Lincoln


Andrew John White 

Sara Wall

Lesley Williams

Jo Winship

Moya Warman

Lin Watson

Becky Wise

Jaime Waldron

Jody Woolcock

Jenny Walters

Jim Watson

Lynn Weir

Colin Wallace

Simon Wright

Sim Wood

Jen Wood

Pete Watson

Linda woods

Rene Williams

Carys Woodley

Sue worsley

Elaine Williamson

Nicola Wetherill

Anne E Woods

Anthony Wade

Lynn Williams

Peter Willams


Theodora Younge

keith Younge


Jasia Zimmerman

1,500 miles

Jade Adams

Dave Andrews 

Kevin Baldry

Chris Barber

Pat Beckley

Shona Brydon

Di Barton

Martin Blackwell

Katherine Brunger

Rich Collins

Lesley Cross

Marianne Chaffe

Darren Keith Chittock

Micheal Caleigh

Tracey Campbell

Mike Denny

Dany Dunlap

Elaine Emerton

Shell Errington

Dawn Fletcher

Susan Green 

Kevin Gill

Dave Gleeson

Jane Gibson

Vicky Gillibrand

Fiona Gordon

Elaine Greener

Vikki Grimes

Colin Hattersley 

Jenny Hodge

Teresa Hanvey

Donna Hardcastle

Steve Hart

Kim Harvie

Andy Haworth

Mark Houchin

Christine Howland

Steve Hull

Sue Isles

Irina Ince

Mike Ince

Shirley Jarvis 

Ian Jack

Annette Jones

Annie Jagger

Kat Jones

Anna Marie Johnson

David Kidd

Nikki Kennedy

Ashley Knight

Lisa Lanstaff

Tasha Leigh-Willetts

Jacki Lakin

Christine Lowe Jones

Mickie Mixman Ness

Sonia Mapp

Sara Mortimer

Liz McKeown

Karen McLean

George Mccreadie

Bruce McLellan

Sally Oakley Qajar 

Orienteering Rach

Jane Oughton 

Darren pyne 

Rob Parsons

Ruth Patterson

Roger Peaple

Moyra Pullar

Nilla Roberts

Liz Rayner

Justin Rowberry

 Charlie Ramnani

Zezel Ryck

Lisa Ruth

Robert Sheild 

Anna Stares

Caroline Smith

Alison Selby

Carolone Smith

Ashley Sandy

Diane Spink

Paul Tonge

Kate turnbull

Amanda Timney

Colin Timney

Lisa Topping

Rosalind Talbot

Kathy Taylor

Kathleen Turner

Sara Unsworth

Jane Waterman

Backy Wells

Jenny Winn

Kate Willis

Bev Wood

Sally-Ann Winter

Sue Worrington

2,000 miles

Geoffrey Ambler

Duncan Armstrong 

Jay Audas

Pete Ashmore

Dawn Buckle

Margatet Batten

Linda Blackwell

Susan Clarke

Katriona Collins

Henry Cooper 

Douglas Dingwall

Jenny Davidson 

Anne Deery

Caroline Devonport

Dorothy Edwards

Suzanne Elliott

Delwyn Ellis

Tracey Ford

Andrew Goodall

Nicola Godin 

Ruth Harland

Ali Hart

Marcus Hines

Susan Hodgson

Rachel Hales

Nany Herter

Mandy Jones 

Colin Andrew Kennedy

Denise Law 

Michelle Miller

Phil Male

Maureen Mann

Lyn Mick

Richard Mc Chesney

Rachel Parker

Christine Palin

William Palin

Graham Price

Arlene Ross

Brian Stalker

Arnie Spence

Rhian Slipper

Phil Scott

Valerie Sparks

Pat Smith

Robin Silvester

Steve Turner 

Emma Willis

Donna Wright

Andrea Ward

Deborah Wright 

David Wilson

2,500 miles

Lee Goddard

Gail F Harris

Peter Syme

Ian Stephens

Arran Sutherland

Anne Teesdale 

Colin Turner

Clare Wilson

3,000 miles 

Damon Aspinwall

Jeff Astle

David Brittan

Alethea Blackman

Craig Carter

Kris Cleuen 

Jackie Kemp

Susan Miller 

Joanna Mahlis

Dave Oakley

Phil Ryan

Malcom Stamp

Keith Thake

Katie Vieteren

Didie Wells

Amanda Wright


4,000 miles

Julie Green

Ian Miles

Super-human 5000+ 

Adrian Pagilaro

Andrew White

Badges x 2 copy.png

Spread the word with our free posters!

People across the country often don't realise the difference walking can make to their health and wellbeing, and we know #walk1000miles can change that fast! Putting up posters in doctors' surgeries, libraries, workplaces and public facilities can really get the message out to people of might be suffering from all kinds of things walking could help with. If you can help with the outreach, who knows what good you might do? If you'd like to be sent some high-quality A3 versions of our posters please fill in the form below.

If you can't wait for the postman you can print your own posters by downloading them in high-quality PDF form here.

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Download your pledge form and go public!

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Click the button to download and print your 2017 #walk1000miles, then share it on your Facebook, Twitter or fridge door!

It was a hugely popular thing to do last year – some of the examples of which you can see below – and it helps give you even more motivation to keep on keeping on!