Only 17% of 'scaredy cat' Britons have climbed a mountain

Nearly two thirds (64%) of British adults perceive themselves to be a daring, courageous and fearless adventurous type of person.However, a new study by Travelodge has revealed we're actually a nation of scaredy cats, as only 29% of us have been bold enough to try an adventurous activity.

The study of 2,000 adults was undertaken by hotel chain, Travelodge, to seek out how adventurous we really are, in support of its new Get Up & Go campaign -which has been designed to inspire Britons to explore Britain.    

Key findings from the survey revealed that we are a nation that likes to live in a fantasy world, where we believe that we are adventurous, thrill seeking individuals. However this is far from the truth, as the study revealed we're actually all talk and very little action.

Just over a fifth (23%) of British adults has had the courage to undertake an abseiling challenge, whilst just 18% of Britons have tried caving and 17% of adults have been brave enough to climb a mountain.    

When it comes to water adventures, just 11% of adults have experienced the thrill of jet skiing and just one in ten Britons have experienced scuba diving. In addition just five per cent of adults have had the courage to do a bungee jump.

Listed below is the top ten adventurous activities British adults have been brave enough to try:

Abseiling (23%)

Caving (18%)

Mountain climbing (17%)

Rock climbing (16%)

Jet skiing (11%)

Scuba diving (10%)

Canyoning (8%)

Sea Kayaking (7%)

Hot air balloon (6%)

Bungee jump (5%)

Corinne Sweet, Psychologist said: "It's no surprise that so many adults think they are more adventurous, than they actually are. In today's social media obsessed world, we're surrounded by constant peer pressure to showcase that we're all living an action packed, adventurous lifestyle and no one wants to be seen as being unadventurous.

Although the research shows that we're actually a fearful nation, incorporating a little adventure into our lives is no bad thing. There is a great deal to be gained from 'feeling our fear and doing an activity that is out of our comfort zone, as it helps to grow our confidence. Plus, the adrenaline rush can create a fabulous 'feel good factor'.  So this summer, why not try one thing you have never done before but dreamed of doing and enjoy feeling your self-esteem grow in the afterglow of success." 

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: "Our research has highlighted that it's high time Britons stop thinking about being adventurous and actually get up & go, and discover their wild side. With so many exhilarating, fun activities available across the UK, we can easily inject some adventure into our lives."   

Further research findings revealed that a third of Britons have reported that they have become more adventurous with age.  A fifth of adults stated that they feel constant pressure from work colleagues and friends to portray a more adventurous personality. 

The study also found that the most adventurous people in Britain can be found in London, the North East and West Midlands. Listed below is the top ten ranking of locations across the UK, where you will find the most adventure seeking Britons:

1. London

2. North East

3. West Midlands

4. Yorkshire

5. East Anglia

6. Northern Ireland

7. Scotland

8. North West

9. Wales

10.South East   

When respondents were quizzed on what adventurous activity would they love to do, abseiling down the White Cliffs of Dover and jet skiing along The Thames topped the poll, followed by climbing Big Ben and doing a zip line from the top of the Shard building. Listed below is the nation's top ten list of adventurous activities, they would love to do, if they could:         

1. Jet skiing down The Thames

2. Abseiling down the White Cliffs of Dover

3. Climbing Big Ben

4. Zip line from the top of the Shard building

5. Climb Blackpool Tower

6. Bungee jump from the Clifton Suspension bridge

7. Scuba dive - looking for Nessie in Loch Ness

8. Climb the Angel of the North statue

9. Sail around the UK

10. Drive at Silverstone