How far can you walk in 2015?

A small army of readers took part in our #walk1000miles program last year. For some, it was a life-changing experience. Why not join them this year?

It's wonderfully simple really. Commit to walk 1,000 miles between now and December 31, and make every mile count.

Log each mile religiously and share your progress with fellow 1,000-milers on social media. That's all there is to it!

If you only walk at weekends, this might seem like an intimidating number, but it actually works out at less than 20 miles a week. And as is the case in achieving any long-term goal, little and often is the key.

Doing a long distance trail or signing up for a charity challenge walk will help boost your total, but it's the little things like walking in your lunch hour or walking to work that will really rack up the miles over the year.

So finding new ways to integrate walking into your daily routine rather than charging around on the hills every weekend is the key to success - but if you can do both, you'll smash the target!

The key to success is to record every single mile and share your progress with other people. Being part of something bigger makes you more likely to stick at it and sharing your triumphs and tribulations with like-minded people will spur you on when you lose heart.

Keep in touch via Twitter using the hashtag #walk1000miles, but you can also keep us updated by emailing We'll publish a selection of your updates and photos every month.

Quick Tips

Do it with a friend

You're much more likely to stick with it

Do it for charity

Get friends to pledge 1p per mile and they'll owe you £10 when

you hit your target

Do it in the dark

Invest in a high-visibility jacket, reflectors and a headtorch and go for a quick stomp around town after work

Do it to lose weight

Walking 1,000 miles burns around 70,000 calories - so you can eat a jam doughnut every day without piling on the pounds!

Do it to feel great

Most participants report improved energy levels and a more positive outlook after just a couple of weeks of walking every day.

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