Where to next? Sgurr na Sgine

In search of a spectacular sunrise? Then head to the north-west highlands

Place yourself on a summit as the morning begins in earnest, and if weather conditions are on your side, you could witness a sunrise over a sea of mountain peaks, a natural wonder that everyone should experience at some point in their lives.

We�re not talking about watching the metallic light of early morning through bleary eyes, with a mug of tea in hand. We�re talking about timing your tent exit perfectly to catch a blisteringly fiery sunrise that turns a mountainous horizon into a volcanic crater lip, silhouetted against the magma red of the sun�s first light.

The sunrise at Sgurr na Sgine is the kind of sight that would have had Stone Age man quaking in his mammoth-hide pants and even today it speaks to something primal and instinctive deep within.

Approaching Sgurr na Sgine, via the Allt Mhalagain river, towards Bealach an Toiteil, you can head just north of the summit for an overnight camp. Approaching from this side, the mountain has a shark�s fin profile, and dropping from the summit is the barb of Sgurr na Sgine�s north-east ridge.

Unending views
It offers a Grade 2 scramble that pops you right out on the top. With clear skies, the views are unending.  You�ll lose count of the summits somewhere in the 90s, having only swept through 30 degrees of the compass. Follow the path from the summit, heading north, drop about 50m and you'll find a surprisingly sheltered, peg friendly patch of grass to pitch your tent.

Ben Nevis, to the south, the Forcan Ridge to the north and Skye to the north-west are easy to pick out. Layer and layer of mountain tops fade to a pale watercolour blue in the far distance � this is the ideal place to come in search of the perfect sunrise.

Furnace-red sky
Get up early enough and you�ll see a breathtaking sunrise. Sandwiched between the jawline of the mountains and a layer of cloud, will be a sliver of furnace-red sky. With the light carouselling between tangerine, blood-red and amethyst. The light leaks into the sky, daubing the underside of each battleship-grey cloud with a tie-dyed streak of colour. 

With the hills to yourself and one of the most inspiring views you�ll ever see, this is mountain perfection.

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