Five reasons to turn back before the summit...

There's no shame in turning back before reaching the summit. In fact it could save your life. In the latest edition of Trail magazine Claire Maxted tells us of when legendary mountaineer Alan Hinkes decided enough was enough while walking with her on Aonach Mor. Find out why in this month's mag!

The January issue of Trail

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Simon Lowe, from adventure specialists Jagged Globe, also tells us his reasons for when it's best to go back. Here are five of them...





Bad weather - Look at the forecast before you start. If conditions deteriorate, descend as soon as you feel you can�t proceed. Also consider the exposure of your route and difficulty of navigation to and from the summit.


Weather hazards - Tied in to bad weather are hazards such as rock fall and lightning.  �We once we turned back on Everest under heavy black clouds because I was about to become a lightning conductor!� says Simon. 


Avalanche risk - You�d be daft to ignore the Scottish Avalanche Info Service which performs daily slope assessments. Perform slab tests in dodgy areas.  


Fatigue - Get too tired and you lose motivation, keep stopping, your pace flags and you start to make mistakes � especially risky if coupled with altitude or ropework.


Hunger - Always carry enough food to keep the engine going, plus reserves to see you back down again. If it�s too cold to stop for lunch keep a ready supply of calories in your pocket � dried fruits, sweets and nuts.  


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