What kind of camper are you?

From true away-from-it-all wild camping, to the almost hotel-like conditions of glamping, never before have there been so many options when it comes to spending a night under canvas.

All this variety is a good thing. But at some point you need to decide which kind of camper you really are. After all, one man's perfect backpacking retreat may be another's idea of hell on the hill. And let�s be honest - the home comforts of glamping probably appeal to far more first time campers than the thought of digging your own toilet on some rain-soaked mountain-side.

Family camping brand OLPRO got together with behavioural psychologist Barbara Bishop to look at the various kinds of people that opt to spend a night in a tent and their reasons behind it. Together they identified a host of camping sub-groups into which most of the British population can be included.

So that just leaves one question: what type of camper are you...?

Our love affair with camping begins in childhood. Everyone has had a wigwamper moment � whether it be crafting a tent from a clothes� horse and blanket or playing cowboys & Indians in the garden.

Penniless students are the main cramping protagonists. It involves bunking down in your car overnight or cramming as many people into a borrowed tent as you can to save money wherever possible.

These are the types who see themselves as uber-cool and only camp at festivals. Happy to rough it for a couple of days, this is usually the only time their tent sees the light of day. 

A rite of passage for any young family. Champing involves leaving at some ungodly hour to catch a cross-Channel ferry to France for a week�s holiday. Champing takes it�s name from toasting one�s success at putting up a family-size tent with a mug of the fizzy stuff.

Men are the ones who mainly make up this category. A scamper is a boy scout who has never grown up. Scamping involves using the latest gadgets, packing with military precision and ensuring enough kit is involved to ensure a family survives a nuclear holocaust.

If men are scampers then women are vampers. These are the ladies who see style being just as important as function. Alongside their tent, vampers can often be spotted with a VW Camper van - the must-have accessory.

Trampers are committed campers. They are the new back packers and are also very eco-aware. They tend to walk everywhere as the journey is key to the overall experience � it�s less of a holiday for them and more of a life event.

Shampers hate camping but talk a good camp. Even if they buy a tent, it�s unlikely to ever be used as they�ll opt for a hotel bed over an inflatable mattress every time.