Vote for your Picture of the Year

This should be a difficult choice.

We're lucky enough to have LFTOers uploading stunning shots day after day.

Regular users will be aware we hold a weekly vote to decipher which photo uploaded in the last seven days is the most popular.

Well, we've now created a 'super-slideshow' featuring each of the winning photos.

All you have to do is choose which is your overall favourite.

Of course, it's only a bit of fun - there are no prizes up for grabs. But so you know exactly how we chose the shots...

  • The photos only go back to those uploaded from March 2009 (as that's when we started voting for our favourite shots)
  • The winning photo from each week was the one with the most votes at the time we created the following week's Pictures of the Week page
  • If there was a tie one week, we have included both photos
  • The final weekly winner was the one from the Pictures of the Week page uploaded on January 4th this year
  • You have until Wednesday, January 27th, to vote for your favourite

    Right - now that's out the way - sit back and enjoy this rather special collection of pics...



    Now vote for your favourite on the panel below...