Trail joins the Fj?llr?ven Polar!

Sometimes, just sometimes, being a member of team Trail means being asked to step outside of your comfort zone and try something different, something unusual, something...challenging.

News and features writer Ben Weeks has never been to Norway, or Sweden, or crossed the Arctic Circle, or camped on a glacier, or ridden on a dog sled, let alone steered one. Yet these are just some of the new experiences he'll be subjected to when he tags along with the Fj?llr?ven Polar participants this April.

You're probably familiar with the outdoor gear brand Fj?llr?ven. They make tough stuff for even tougher conditions and Trail's photographer Tom Bailey is a big fan. But you can be forgiven for not having heard of the Fj?llr?ven Polar - it's not typical Trail fodder. So what's it all about?

Taking place high above the Arctic Circle, the Fj?llr?ven Polar is a 300km winter adventure across the arctic tundra during which the participants dog sled all the way from Signaldalen, Norway, to the forests around Jukkasj�rvi, Swedish Lapland. The journey takes place over three days during which the participants camp out in the wilderness, accompanied by Fj?llr?ven�s resident survival expert Johan Skulman

In order to join the event, applicants were asked to submit entries consisting of a short video or a photograph together with an explanation for why they should be chosen to go on the trip. The applications were uploaded to the Fj?llr?ven website and visitors invited to vote for their favourites. One person from each country with the most votes was automatically given a place, with the Fj?llr?ven 'jury' selecting one other entrant from each country, giving a total of 20 participants. And these lucky Fj?llr?ven winners will be joined by one over-excited but slightly nervous journalist from the United Kingdom's best-selling hill-walking magazine.

Dog-sledding doesn't tend to include many mountain summits which is why it's somewhere off Trail's usual radar, but when the offer to take part presented itself, they'd have been crazy to turn it down. Which just left one question - how to get the most out of it and share the experience with Trail's loyal readers and visitors to LFTO?

Ben will be posting photos, Tweets and Facebook updates throughout the trip and you can follow these at and respectively. In addition he will be updating his progress across the Arctic Tundra with the help of the Viewranger BuddyBeacon GPS tracker app, and the team members back at Trail HQ will be posting his updates online. You'll also be able to follow the journey of all the participants via

Finally, you can be sure that Ben will be returning to the UK with a wealth of photos, videos and fascinating stories to share with you, including details of how you can apply for next year's event when the entry process for the 2014 Fj?llr?ven Polar starts later this year, so watch this space!