Trail for Sale

Dig deep for this latest batch of Trail for Sale goodies from Trail and you'll help fund Mountain Rescue.
All the proceeds go straight to Mountain Rescue so treat yourself or a friend!

Fj�llr�ven Vintage 30 L rucksack worth �70
The vintage look is all the rage at the moment, so dig deep and you could be mistaken for Wainwright if you win this old-school daypack. Made from strong, durable nylon with leather straps, this retro-style sack has a main compartment and two side pockets � plenty of room for your galoshes, jumper and sandwiches!
Ebay code: 280288878365

The Boardman Tasker  Prize short-listed books
This is your chance to get your hands on the cream of the crop of modern mountain writing. These five books made it onto the short-list for the highly coveted Boardman Tasker Prize, and they could be on your coffee table! You�ll get: Fallen Giants by Maurice Isserman and Stewart Weaver, The Eiger Obsession by John Harlin III, Psycho Vertical by Andy Kirkpatrick, Cham by Jonathan Trigell and Ararat by Frank Westerman.
Ebay code: 280288877999

Vaude Hogan XT worth �330
This spacious two-person tent, which weighs in at 3kg, is easy to pitch and has stacks of room, making it a superb base camp or bikepacking option. The large porch and inner tent mean you have a luxurious amount of space. You can keep everything from backpacks and boots to bikes in the porch � and even cook in it. Meanwhile there�s plenty of lounging room for two in the inner tent. So dig deep!
Ebay code: 280288879131