Trail Poll: What's in your emergency pack?

Certain things will always be in your rucksack: waterproofs, water, food - the essentials. But have you given consideration to the sort of equipment you might need if things on the mountain don't go according to plan?

Like the majority of sensible walkers, your answer to that question is probably 'yes' and you'll always find some items of kit in your back pack that are there just in case something goes awry.

But how far do you take it? Is it just a matter of carrying a couple of extra things that's get you out of the most common holes, or do you feel the need to ensure you're carrying all the gear you'd need to survive Armageddon on the hill?

We've compiled a list of the most common emergency/back-up equipment and we'd like to know which of the below you carry in your pack. And if we've forgotten something, you can add your own suggestion too. We never claim to think of everything...