Trail PLUS exclusive - the extra pages!

Every month the Trail team slave away to ensure that the following mag is as exciting, as fresh and as full of great outdoor reading as each and every mag that's gone before.

I say "slave" - I'd be lying if I said that the guys and gals at Trail didn't love their job. In fact, they love it so much that on occasions we end up with more information, more articles and more great content than can be squeezed into just one magazine.

The obvious option is to save it for another issue, but like so much in the world of outdoor pursuits, it's all about timing. For example, who wants to read a Christmas gift guide in January, regardless of how good it is? And this is where we find ourselves today. The Trail team (or more specifically, the lovely Phoebe Smith) got so carried away by the joys of their job that they wrote too much and we've had to leave some pages out of the January issue of the magazine (available from all good newsagents now).

But as is usually the case, the extra pages are just too good to throw away, so we're sharing them with you here as an exclusive on LFTO - completely free of charge, no purchase necessary, send no money now!

Below are a couple of extra pages of great gift suggestions for that special outdoor-loving person in your life. Alternatively, you might get some ideas for things to put on your list to Santa.

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When you bear in mind that the following page was written about the gear Phoebe used on her trip to the snowy Swiss/Italian Alps, it's hardly surprising that she's able to write so prolifically. I mean, perhaps she'd write less if we sent her somewhere less inspiring?

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We hope you enjoyed this little extra slice of Trail. If we find ourselves with surplus wordage in the future, you can be sure we'll share it here.

And keep an eye out for Phoebe's next article - A Walker's Guide to the Motorway Services of the A1. Let's see her write too much on that...