Trail PLUS - August Trip Reports

Every so often the Trail editorial team are forced to prune a few pages from the magazine. It's not that these pages aren't worth reading, but simply because there just isn't enough room to fit it all in.

As such, the pages that are cut are usually too useful, too informative, too... too good to simply throw away.

The August issue of Trail is absolutely jam-packed full of great stuff. You know how sometimes when you bite into a doughnut the jam is squeezed out and dribbles down your chin? That's like this issue of Trail - the editorial team were barely able contain the juicy goodness that's in it.

This meant that a couple of spreads had to be removed, less the jammy wonderfulness of the magazine oozed out all over the floor of the newsagents' (too much with the doughnut analogy? Sorry - I'll stop).

Anyway, these cut pages have not been forgotten. Oh no. They're right here. Both Ben Weeks and Dan Aspel have tremendous features in the August issue of the mag, and in these extra pages you can find out a little more about the gear they took with them, how they got on with it, and what they loved and what they didn't.

What's more, these extra pages are FREE - you don't even have to buy the rest of the mag to see them! Although, it must be said, that August's issue of Trail is so incredibly brilliant, you'd have to be all kinds of crazy not to.

Click on the image above to read Ben's Used and Abused trip report from the Peak District


Click on the image above to read Dan's Used and Abused trip report from the Langdale in the Lakes.