The Trail Tall Tale - October - Results!

In the October issue of Trail are two more strange and unusual bizarre stories: Climbing Exposure of a Different Kind and Now That's What We Call Striking Camp.

Once again the strange warped minds of Trail have created one as a work of pure fiction, while the other is a genuine 'honest as the day is long, guv' tale that actually occurred. Now over to you to vote on which you think is which.

If you haven't seen the issue yet, then you can read both stories by clicking HERE (then go out and buy a copy anyway - it's really good).

Once you've read both stories, pop on your tweed deerstalker hat, fetch your pipe and see if you can deduce which is fact and which is fiction.

We�ll announce the answer here on Friday 23rd September

If you have your own true story that is almost too outrageous to be real, or a completely made up piece of fiction that has a faint but hollow ring of truth to it, email us at

To see the results of the previous month's vote, click HERE.



The winner of our poll with 64% of the vote is Climbing Exposure of a Different Kind , but is it really true? As it happens, the real story is...

Climbing Exposure of a Different Kind

Well done to all of you that got it right. For the 36% that weren't convinced, here's the evidence:

There's another Trail Tall Tale in November's mag, out now. Plus, we'll be telling it again on LFTO.

Good luck!