The Trail Tall Tale - November

In the November issue of Trail are another two more stories of questionable authenticity: None moor strange and Wheelie wierd.

As usual, one strange story has been dreamt up in the minds of the Trail team's most off the wall members, while one is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, even though it might not seem like it.

If you haven't seen the issue yet, give yourself a slap on the wrist and go out and buy a copy now. If you really can't face the stroll to the newsagent, then you can read both stories by clicking HERE.

Once you've read both stories your chalenge is to seperate the fact from viction and vote on it.

We�ll announce the answer here on Wednesday 26th October

If you have your own true story that is almost too outrageous to be real, or a completely made up piece of fiction that has a faint but hollow ring of truth to it, email us at

To see the results of the previous month's vote, click HERE.


The winner of our poll with a narrow lead of 52% of the vote is Wheelie wierd, but is it really the true story, or Trail's tall tale? In fact, the true story is...

Wheelie Wierd!

Many thanks to Alan Taylor who sent this in via Twitter. Here's the evidence and the story behind it...

"I spotted the unicyclists in August 2009. I was walking a high level route between Keswick and Patterdale from Clough Head to Helvellyn.
I was descending down to Stick Pass from Stybarrow Dodd when i saw them. They were coming down from Raise in procession! Unfortunately i wasn't close enough to speak to any of them, so i don't know if they were part of a group or anything

Well done to the 52% that got it right clearly there's no fooling you! There's another Trail Tall Tale in December's mag, out now!

Good luck!