The Trail Tall Tale - January

In this month's issue of Trail we've given you two bizarre hill stories: Skiddaw, Parrot-Fashion and Snowdonia's Squirrel Army.

One of these unlikely events is true, the other a creation from the depths of team Trail's collective mind and the result of too many late nights and long weekends. But can you guess which is which?

If you haven't seen the issue yet, then you can read both stories by clicking HERE.

Once you've read, digested and considered the authenticity of these anecdotes, you can vote below on which is pucker and which is poppycock.

We�ll announce the answer here on Wednesday 21st December

If you have your own true story that is almost too outrageous to be real, or a completely made up piece of fiction that has a faint but hollow ring of truth to it, email us at

To see the results of the previous month's vote, click HERE.


The winner of our poll with 77% of the vote (doesn't look like we fooled many people with this one) is Skiddaw, Parrot-Fashion, but is it really the true story? Of course it is, and here's the proof:


This is the last Trail Tall Tale for a while, but that's not to say that it won't make a return in the future, so if you have any strangely bizarre stories to tell, send them this way!