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The Lipstick Blondes are an all-women adventure racing team who are currently climbing Cho Oyu in the Nepali Himalayas, the world�s sixth highest mountain at 8201m. Last year they scooped a third for their ski-mountaineering film of the Chinese monster mountain Mustagata Ata. Read their latest climbing blog here!

Who are the lipstickblondes?

In 2003, four women who love laughter and adventure with equal ferocity came up with a drunken, cunning ploan to form the first ever all women's adventure racing team. A hilariously unmacho name, the 'lipstick blondes' was decided and off we ran, biked and kayaked.
In 2004 we climbed Aconagua, 1 7000m peak in Argentina. On the descent, as we staggered and shambled down the scree, a big idea was formed: to ski and board some of the World's highest peaks. Over the next few years amidst adventure races, ultra marathons and babies, other mountains such as Elbrus and Denali were summitted and skied and then we reconvened for an attempt on Mustagata, a 7500m peak in China.
Ski mountaineering is a wondeful sport which combines meditative climbs and adrenaline filled descents, and big mountains have a wonderful mind freeing aspect to them. Few Brits ski mountaineer and few women do big mounatinsa so we thought it would be cool to make a film of out trip to encourage other people to get out there and do stuff. You can read more about this wonderful trip and see the film on
Our current trip on Cho Oyu is an extension of the fantastic experiences we have had so far and we will be blogging around every other day...

Friday, 5 September 2008
Polite dinner conversation

"That's a big watch, does it measure heart rate?" enquired Squash.

"Well I was running for 1 1/2 hours with a heart rate of 160 but then some one told me this was too high and didn't leave enough time for recovery so I dropped it to 150 so that I could train more frequently yeah 13 not 30 miles an hour and then it's great 'cos I can download it all onto my computer and see my training pattern and improvement so getting fitter with my speed improving yeah and then I was on an inclined treadmill for 3 hours with a 25kg backpack and I also calculated my VO2 max Miguel Indurain had one of over 90 and Lance Armstrong 76 that swimmer eats 12,000 calories a day I've done a 6000m peak so have hired a porter although I don't know how much use he'll be so that's why I can run a marathon in three and a half minutes."

"Do we take that as a yes then?" Interjected Suzy

"And............." he continued
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Wednesday, 3 September 2008
And then there were two....

Originally there were five Lipstick Blondes on the trip to Cho Oyu, Carole, Suzy and Squash attempting a summit and Lou and Inga, 'mountain virgins', going for Advanced Base Camp.

However, just a week before we deaprted Carole was told that she could not get a visa for Tibet as she was a 'wicked' journalist.

Read the email below to see how she felt about that.....

To all my lovely climbing ex companions,

Just got back from Norway and decided to be all adult about my expulsion from Team GB Lippy - and not to get mad but get even. To that end I have bought some new wool and will sit at home and crochet all my frustrations out in a new range of lipstick blond head bands. Still at the design stage but will keep you in the loop (geddit!!!).

So I am abandoing all hope of getting to the mountain with you but Paul and I are going to tackle a few peaks on Dartmoor with a wet copy of the BMC magazine over our faces in a bikini with just some chocolate covered kendal mint cake for food just so I get some sense of what I am missing.

You girls all have a great time and just remember the lipstick blond mantra, "You may get to the summit, but consider carefully replacing your Jimmy Cho's with some ugly clumpy boots."

Just remember lipsticksblondes, Eyes and teeth!

Grounded Carole

Then when we arrived in Kathmandu yesterday we were greeted with the news that Inga and Lou also couldn't get a visa, as they were 'trekkers' not climbers'... and therefore must be secret spies on some kind of massive under cover mission!

So... that leaves just Suzy and squash in a group of 20 men. Awful. To see how we survive our predicament contiue to read our blog....

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