You can climb em, but can you spell em? Take the Sigg Tuesday quiz and win a prize

It's back to school this week folks. This is a test of how closely we read our hill maps.

There are mountains here with lots of 'l's, lots of syllables and lots of vowels in unusual places. Very few sound as they are spelt but you will have undoubtedly seen most of them written down before.

This week there are 10 iconic Swiss Quality 1.0l Sigg bottles up for grabs. Once you have finished this week's quiz there is a special prize question. If you get it right you could win one of these great adventure bottles.

Made from one piece of aluminium and with no seams, the Sigg bottle is lightweight and virtually unbreakable.

Click the link in the quiz to submit your answer OR email it to, with the subject 'Quiz competition w/c 14/10'. Don't forget to include your username!